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We come together to create top-notch learning tools with visual information at their core.

Simplicity rules everything we do. Here’s our checklist for clarity:

Our process

We cut through complex topics with detailed simplicity.

Our condition

We move step-by-step, until we get it right. Quality is our standard, not our goal.

Our brands

Anatomy For Sculptors

We are a team of creatives who believe that visual information should be the core of any anatomy content made for artists. With our books, content, and tools, we strive to make anatomy learning intuitive, widely accessible, and applicable to the everyday work of artists.

Strong knowledge of anatomy is the foundation of a great medical expert. 3D models and 2D illustrations. Visual, textual, and audio information, combined with color-coding and annotations. We create connections between all these information sources.

We’re a multidisciplinary team making the complex topic of human anatomy clear and visual.

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