The foundation of becoming a great medical expert is built with anatomy.

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Everything you need to learn anatomy in one place. No more time waster looking for the right resource, this platform has it all.

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Perception is all about connecting the dots. That's why we bring multiple information sources – 3D images, coherent text, 2D visualizations – together.

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Study at your own pace. Your account tracks the progress you've made in categories and quizzes, and lets you know what you've mastered and what to learn next.

Working with universities

Co-creating with these universities gets us the real-life experience and feedback we need to make the best anatomy learning tools.

Andrea Pobocik

– DDS, MS, PhD

During pandemic, traditional in-person learning was not possible, and our students heavily relied on the app for their education.

The platform is user-friendly, easy to operate and includes 3D images that rotate, show annotations and a color code of the anatomical landmarks. Our experience was awesome and will certainly be repeated.

Aigars Petersons

– The Rector of RSU

Over the last few years, we have introduced a number of new learning solutions, which allow future doctors and medical specialists to learn anatomy with up-to-date and interactive methods.

We are truly pleased with the close collaboration between RSU and Anatomy Next to make the latest technologies available to our students.

Hera Kim-Berman


Developed with the student in mind, the app is a good resource for online education and for self paced study.

3D graphics and texture of the models are accurate. Anatomy is well detailed and color coded. User interface has intuitive manipulation features. The students used and benefited from it during our dental anatomy course.