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Artists need clear visual references to be able to understand and create realistic anatomy.

the Human Figure

This anatomy book for artists has everything you need to create realistic forms of the human body – from head to toe.

Anatomy of
Facial Expressions

All the primary facial anatomy and muscles. And the movement and collaboration of them to create realistic expressions.

Form of the
Head and Neck

Learn how to break down the complex organic forms into basic shapes to understand them better to create more realistic art.

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Industry professional experiences

We help shaping anatomy knowledge in an empowering way for all kinds of visual artists and thinkers.

Arda Koyuncu​

Art Director
– Riot Games

Regardless of your skill level, there is always something to learn and better when it comes to anatomy. Whether you are sculpting a character yourself, or giving feedback to your teams, finding good visual reference can be challenging.

I highly recommend incorporating this resource in your workflow even if your preferred medium is not sculpting.

Tiago Rios

Character Artist
– Santa Monica Studio

The book gives literally hundreds of easy tips for new and experienced sculptors interested in pursuing their anatomy studies but not sure how to begin.

The book doesn`t only teach you the name of the muscles but more importantly shows you how the muscles interact to form the big forms.

Frederic Daoust

Senior Character Artist
– Epic Games

Anatomy for Sculptors books are my go to references for whenever I’m sculpting a character.

I highly recommend those books to anyone looking to learn anatomy or for any sculptor  to have on hand to quickly find specific anatomy references.